Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Free Trade

HM PM Harper ahs announced ever more trade deals. It seems the US is struggling and we need to expand our trading realtionshsips. I think we should propose free trade to THE UK , Audtralia and New Zealand and expand that to the Commonwealth.
We really need to get of all of our supply management schemes!

HONOLULU — Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Sunday Canada will apply to join a new free trade agreement with the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, and suggested that Canada’s farm supply management systems could be on the table for negotiation.

Mr. Harper also said Canada will look further into selling its oil and gas to Asian countries due to U.S. delays in approving the Keystone XL pipeline.

Mr. Harper, who met U.S. President Barack Obama over lunch on the fringes of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Honolulu, said Canada will formally ask to join the emerging Trans-Pacific Partnership trade group of nine Asia-Pacific countries.

A handful of countries in the TPP negotiations — including possibly New Zealand and the United States — have been resisting Canada’s entry into the group because of the Canadian supply management system that protects fewer than 20,000 dairy and poultry farmers behind a tariff wall and hands them production quotas.

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