Sunday, November 06, 2011

Looking Good in Sasketchewan

It looks like Premier Wall will be elected in a landslide. That should make conservatives happy. It makes me happy. The grits are a non entity in Sasketchewan. That also makes me happy.

Imagine a province where migration from other provinces is up 40% — where people are streaming in from places like Ontario and Quebec, and even Alberta.

A place that’s cutting taxes — but still running a surplus. A place that the recession seems to have missed completely. Where is this lucky place? Why, it’s Saskatchewan, the great success story of the past decade in Canada.

Saskatchewan used to be a socialist, have-not province. The NDP had such a lock on it that this rectangular-shaped province used to be called “red square.” Not anymore — it’s so business-friendly that companies have fled neighbouring Alberta to set up shop there. World commodity prices have helped. Saskatchewan is blessed with oil and gas, uranium, potash and wheat — all of which are in high demand these days.But Alberta is blessed with resources, too — and yet it’s running record deficits and has higher unemployment. And Saskatchewan has always had these resources in the past — but never truly benefited from them before.

So what’s changed?

The answer is red square turned green — the colours of that province’s new Saskatchewan Party, led by Canada’s most dynamic premier, Brad Wall. The Sask Party was born in 1997 out of the ashes of the former PCs. The new party, with Wall as its leader, finally broke the hammer-lock of the NDP and their labour union bosses.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, but when will the Libs bring up abortion? You know who I am talking about. Women must be reminded of the fear of Conservatives hidden agenda. That'll change the numbers.No?

Of course, these wealthy, white, old, Liberal, male, lawyers seem not to care a lick about the women in PEI. They can go to hell as far as their concerned.

You should count your blessings that these idiots didn't infiltrate this election with their tripe.

Roy Elsworth said...

I really don't think the issue of abortion will scare people anymore.
some day it's gotta be brought up because it's an issue and an serious issue. people are commingfrom all over the world to have abortions in canada because were the only ones without an abortion law's of some sort. even if we just talk about it without the hidden agenda conspiracy comming up.

oxygentax said...

Just a note to Anonymous - the social conservative stuff hasn't played in an election around Saskatchewan for a good number of years. The last 20 years it's been the specter of Grant Devine that all the unions and the NDP have rallied around, followed by the "hidden agenda" about how the right wing alternative wants to privatize everything including health care.

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