Thursday, November 17, 2011

Liberal hack comments on?..

The dying separatist movement.But only to bashHM Canadian government. The liberal part hack seems to forget why the separatist movement came back to life the 1982 Constitution Act signed without Quebec. The grits are an irrelevance n Quebec politics. The Tories recognized Quebec as a nation within a united Canada and has continued a policy of letting provinces be more in charge of their constitutionally mandated responsibilities. The liberal hack talks about the massive Quebec welfare state, yet forgets to mention the billions Quebeckers receive in equalization to maintain this unsustainable nanny state. He credits this for the pq decline but sees it as a reason why the Tories are alienating Quebec. Perhaps the liberal hack from Quebec should acknowledge that the policies of HM Canadian Government are backed in much of the country. Support for the changes to Royal of the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Airforce had a lot of backing .Perhaps the liberal hack from Quebec should realize that all policies should be enacted to please Quebec. Perhaps the liberal hack should notice that Quebeckers decided to exclude themselves from the cabinet table. Pandering to Quebec has been the grit modus operandi. The rest of Canada is tired of this as was evidenced by the blue wave in the rest of Canada. Quebec separatism is a preoccupation of the gray haired. Support for this option has fallen below 34% among young people. Separatism may not be dead, but it is quite wounded and there is no doctor in sight.


Jen said...

Well now Dr. Roy, the NDPQ(quebec) speak for and only quebec and the more they work with for and only quebec, the ndpq hopes to garner double their votes in that region.

Keep your eyes open on the NDPQ- the stupid media are afraid to do so.

NDPQ Megan Leslie went to Washington to lobby against the Keystone PIPELINES and jobs.

rabbit said...

Give Asselin a break. He has the difficult task of ignoring or explaining away the fact that separatism is at a lower ebb after five years of Harper's government than in the last 37 years.

After all, keeping the country united was supposed to be the Liberal's great strength.

Anonymous said...

Please don't add to the myth that the constitution was repatriated without Quebec. I seem to recall that the majority of Quebec M.P.'s were Liberals. - what were they, chopped liver?

bertie said...

So the NDP gains in Quebec and becomes the new Separatist voice in parliament.Then they lose their seats in the rest of Canada..These Ndp people are smart eh!What a bunch of moron,s any politician coming out of Quebec becomes when they reach Ottawa.They actually believe the rest of Canada is not aware of their separatist games.Only when we have fools like Chretien and Martin and the MSM backing them up,do they get away with the blackmail of Canada.Imagine sending 2 idiots to the USA to try and shut down the Oil Sands.Their only way of getting their 8 billion a year welfare payment is having the Oil Sands sending money to Ottawa and they try to shut it down.Now is that idiotic or what.When are we going to kick Quebec out of this country or tell any politician from there to STFU on anything that affects Canada.

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