Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kelly Block is an excellent MP. I am glad this bill is being introduced as a government bill. Native leaders must be held accountable just like anyone who is getting taxpayer money. I am surprised that this has not been a requirement in the past. This is a good start, but there is much more that needs to be done on the situation of Canadian aboriginals. Private property rights for individual Aboriginals should be allowed. Return reservation land from the Crown to the individual bands and lots more...
OTTAWA - Hundreds of First Nations across Canada will have to make public the salaries of their chiefs and band councillors under new legislation the federal government is expected to introduce on Wednesday.

Greg Rickford, the parliamentary secretary for Aboriginal Affairs, will introduce "an Act to enhance the financial accountability and transparency of First Nations" on behalf of Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.

Mr. Duncan will speak to the details of the bill at a news conference in Saskatchewan Wednesday afternoon.

The legislation revives a private member's bill from a Saskatchewan Tory backbencher that died when the election was called last March.

Kelly Block's bill required First Nations to include details of the chief's and councillors' salaries and reimbursements for expenses in annual audited financial statements. If the information is not made public by the end of November each year, the Minister would have legal authority to release the information.

Ms. Block said she was introducing the legislation because she had heard from too many Canadians who could not get information about their band's finances.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged during the election to reintroduce Ms. Block's bill as a government bill, and it's expected the legislation will be similar.

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