Monday, November 07, 2011

Joanne Marcotte Launches her New Book

Joanne Marcotte, one of the co founders of the Reseau Liberte Quebec and Producer of the groundbreaking Film L'illusion Tranquille, is about to release a new book. It is a sequel to the movie and takes apart the Quebec nanny state. She will have launch parties in Quebec City and Montreal.  I have immense respect and affection for my friend Joanne. She is an awesome person. She is a defender of the free market and individual rights, something Quebec desperately needs. Every one who can should buy her book and come to the events in Montreal and Quebec City. I will be at the Montreal event ( Restaurant Chez Le Portugais, 4134, boul. St-Laurent, (514) 849-0550) and I hope to see you all there!!

L'illusion Tranquille

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