Wednesday, November 30, 2011

grits killed kyoto

Michael den Tandt points out the obvious fact that it was the grits who ignored kyoto after signing it. kyoto died under the grits. The Tories are just presiding over the final burial.

“We didn’t get it done,” wailed Michael Ignatieff about Canada’s lacklustre, ineffectual attempts to meet this country’s Kyoto Protocol carbon emission targets, back when the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien was serious about pretending it took climate change seriously.

Ignatieff was, of course, spot on: Ottawa’s Kyoto commitments died on the operating table in the waning years of Chrétien’s third term, as the first of three Canadian prime ministers came to realize that implementing Kyoto faithfully would doom the oilpatch and Canada’s economic future with it. None of Chrétien’s Kyoto plans had teeth.

Which raises the question: How can the Liberals continue to holler about Kyoto today, as though they were the treaty’s greatest champions? After promising to adopt it, it was they themselves who kicked it to the curb.

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