Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grit renewal?

Well not according to red star lefty Hepburn.

Despite all the advance hype surrounding it, though, the speech surely disappointed those who wanted to hear about the party’s plans to reform itself, regain voter confidence and, ultimately, return to power.

Indeed, as it stands now, the Liberals’ vaunted “road map” is more like a map to nowhere.

Rae’s “road map” speech lacked any direction, was devoid of details of how the party will change and provided no clue on how it will get from here to there.

Instead, it was filled with empty clich├ęs and shopworn rhetoric attacking the Conservatives and NDP. If anything, the speech could have been — and might well have been — delivered by any Liberal leader over the last 20 years, except for a few minor changes to reflect today’s news and statistics.

I think if managesto stay as grit leader, the grits are finished.


Jen said...

Bob Rae is hoping that the msm will do for him like they did for the lpc for the last thirteen years of their reign in government and why not.

Bob Rae was the ndp premier of Ontario which he bankrupt and not only that, he prorogued his provincial government for many years of which many ontarians will never forget.

But now he is a liberal he expects to get the same red carpet treatment as it is still done towards Martin and Chretien, and why not.

Jen said...

correction: bob rae prorogued his provincial government for many months not years.

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