Sunday, November 06, 2011

Grit fundraising

Or why the grits are in a lot of trouble.

Liberal Leader Bob Rae in the House of Commons, Ottawa, Nov. 3, 201. (JOHN MAJOR/QMI AGENCY)
The Liberal party needs to ramp up fundraising if it wants to survive, interim party Leader Bob Rae told fellow Liberals Sunday.

"The corporate sugar daddy has gone, the government sugar daddy is gone," he said during a Sunday evening telephone "townhall" with the party's grassroots.

Rae was referring both to changes to political donations rules dating from 2007 preventing corporations from giving to parties and to the Harper government's recent move to phase out the per-vote subsidy for federal parties.

"We've got no choice and no alternative but to build up the strength of the party both financially and in terms of organization," he said.


E Mac said...

Liberals - Back in the streets begging, cap in hand.
Is there no shame?
Obviously not.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

"...Bob Rae wants to put men on the streets of Canadian caps in their hands...on the streets...of cities in Canada...we're not making this up...we're not allowed to."

Uh-yuk-yuk-yuk...that's all folks!



t.e.& o.e.

Blame Crash said...

His use of the term "sugar daddy" tells you where their head is at and where it's been.

Unfortunately for them, to be successful, they'll have to change their ways by putting aside their snot nosed beliefs and attitudes.

As the saying goes: "the hardest thing to do is to change yourself".

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