Monday, November 07, 2011

Free Thinking Film Festival

 I will be attending the second annual Free Thinking Film Festival( I sit on the board of the Free Thinking Film Society that puts on this event). It is a wonderful event where you can see a lot of films about freedom, anti semitism and other politically correct events. I always enjoy myself immensely.

There is a documentary about CBC bias and it is co sponsored by the Reseau Liberte Quebec. Co founder Eric Duhaime will be on the panel discussing this important documentary. Here is a trailer:

Here is a schedule of other films and events for the Festival.
The festival is in Ottawa, but we have people coming in from Montreal and Toronto. I urge you all to attend. It is a lot of fun.

You can buy passes and tickets here

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Jen said...

Dr Roy, Many of us would not or could not attend the event because of distance. Would you mind broadcasting it on your blog? If not, tape it and rebroadcast it on your blog.

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