Monday, November 21, 2011

dion doesn't get it

Stephan, the Tory ads were not the only reason you and iffy lost. You were both terrible leaders. Your command of English was poor. Your policies and iffy's made little sense. The people of Canada are still tired of grit arrogance and corruption. keep thinking it was Tory truth das

Grits must'protect' next leader: Dion
Posted 9 hours ago
BROCKVILLE, Ont. -- The federal Liberals need to do a better job of defining their next leader rather than letting the Conservatives do it for them, former Grit leader St├ęphane Dion believes.

In an interview Sunday at the start of his two-day stay in Brockville, Dion said both he and his successor, Michael Ignatieff, suffered because the Liberals did not prepare for an immediate onslaught of Tory attack ads.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives, said Dion, "imported" the American idea of the "permanent campaign" and seized on the pre-election period to define newly minted Liberal leaders before the Grits introduced them properly.

"We have been introduced to Canadians by the Conservative attack ads and we did not anticipate how damaging it would be for us," said Dion, who suffered a crushing defeat to Harper in the 2008 election.

Dion said he lost that election because he could not rise above those Tory attack ads and properly explain his "Green Shift" platform.


Anonymous said...
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I'll bite.

When we have the opposition liberals walking out because the AG isn't fluent in French, I think it's fair game to comment on Dion's English.

And for Dion to invoke the American bogeyman is just sour grapes. He conveniently forgets that for the entire five year period of minority government we were in a permanent campaign mode. He did threaten to bring down the government before Harper called an election to pre-empt his snivelling.

The look on Dion's face at the coalition signing table where he had the balls to suggest that he would assume the PM's office temporarily while the liberals sought his replacement is his political legacy.

He should shut up and get to work rebuilding his party rather than throw ridiculous grenades like his Commons rebalancing proposal from the sidelines.

climatecriminal said...

Dion's problem was that we DID understand his idiotic green shift, his other sideshow antics were simply added crap to a horrible platform.

Sean M said...

Frankly, Dion is an idiot. If it sooth's his ego to believe Canadians were somehow brainwashed into not voting for him and his disasterous policies because the Tories ran some ads then so be it. Whenever I think of Dion, and stop laughing, I remember him unable to answer a simple question, "If you were Prime Minister"... "you mean right now"? "I am Prime MInister now"? "Oh, you mean 2 weeks from now"..? "Can you repeat the question". Or one of his ridiculous promotional videos where he's seemingly lost in the woods calling his dog... Kyoto!? Kyoto!!? Dion lost because he was an incompetent fool, leading a corrupt morally bankrupt political party, the better half of which should have been in jail for theft.

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