Sunday, November 20, 2011

Conservatives win in Spain

The Popular Party looks to be headed to a landslide win in Spain. The socialists have conceded defeat. This will not be an easy ride for the Popular Party, but I am sure they will do better than the socialists.

Initial exit polls suggested the Popular Party had secured between 181 and 185 seats, compared to 154 in the last legislature and that the socialists could only hope to win between 115 and 119 seats. The final results were not expected until late into Sunday night.

Mariano Rajoy, leader of the centre-right Popular Party (PP) was on course to win an absolute majority, as voters punished the ruling Socialists for their perceived mishandling of the economy.


Jen said...

I guess the Spanish Conservative government have a mess to clean up so I pray that the spanish citizens will use their commonsense by giving the new government a chance. Instant recovery is not easy but, any intentions from the government to do something for Spain other than spend hours talking is necessary without delay.

Winston said...

We should send'em back to Iraq to finish the job when they left in 2004

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