Saturday, November 26, 2011

Congratulations to HM NZ PM Key..

It looks like The Nationals have very nearly won an absolute majority in elections in New Zealand. They will probably need to form a coalition with the New Zealand First Party. HM NZ PM John Key is a fiscal conservative and has promised to reform welfare and to sell more state assets! It is good that most of the Anglosphere is in conservative hands. Unfortunately it looks like the Kiwis have voted to keep their MMP in a non binding referendum.
Full results here.


oxygentax said...

Interesting how these prop-rep countries are electing absolute or almost absolute majorities for conservative parties. It's almost like they understand that socialism won't help the situation.

Roy Elsworth said...

have you also notice the conservative leaders are doing better then the soicalist. seems the world is changing to conservatives. now if only the neighbours to the south will go republican. with Newtgingrich.why I would even be happy with Mitt romeny. to get rid of that son of Malcom X. Barrack obama

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