Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Chantal Hebert on the latest separatist "saviour"

Chantal Hebert understands Quebec politics better than I do, though even she is probably somewhat perplexed. Her final message is separatism is in big trouble in Quebec. That makes me very happy.

Hebert: Faint hope for Duceppe as saviour
Published On Mon Oct 31 2011
Former Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe spent little time preaching the sovereignist gospel, writes Chantal Hebert. For the best part of 20 years, he was mostly seen dealing with more immediate issues.

By Chantal Hébert
National Columnist


Call it the Halloween effect: Gilles Duceppe, whose last federal appearance was an election night concession speech on the heels of the biggest sovereignist defeat in almost four decades, is being draped in the mantle of would-be saviour of the Parti Québécois.

Six months ago the former Bloc Québécois leader failed to hang on to one of the safest sovereignist seats in Quebec.

Now he has reportedly become the popular favorite to take the helm of the PQ from the uncertain hands of Pauline Marois.

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Jen said...

I knew it! I knew that Duceppe will become involve in the Quebec's provincial politics somehow.

Duceppe realizes now or even back then when he saw that his own fed party deminishing was rekindled in the heart of the NDP making NDP= NDPQ.
And knowing that his work will continue within the ndpq party he can now turn his attention to the provincial political arena. Not bad eh.

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