Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bilingual numbers

So the grits have walked on approving an auditor that is not fluently bilingual. Who cares the grits are increasingly becoming an irrelevance. The dippers are running to the language commisioner. All this nonsense is making us more hostile to official bilingualism. Many in the rest of Canada see this policy as a way to favour Quebec. I was born in a country with 14 official languages. In Canada we fight over two. If the man is qualified for his job, approve him. He needs to speak the language of numbers and he does.

Bob Rae and his Liberals are boycotting the vote to approve the appointment of Michael Fergus as Auditor-General of Canada.


Anonymous said...

The unprincipled Liberal party would not have walked out had it been a minority gov't and they could have helped defeat the nomination. It isn't the process that they are in a huff about (although that is what they claim). It is the fact that they are powerless to stop it.

The only other explanation is that a few their Mp's, perhaps from NB, would have actually voted in favour of the new AG.

Even the Bloc showed up. It is a silly stunt by a silly caucus.

maryT said...

Lots of stories out today re things cost more in Canada than the US. Wonder if they have factored in the cost of doing everything in both languages.

Alain said...

No, Mary you can be sure that the high cost due to official bilingualism was not factured in. It is time to start shinning the light on how much this adds to costs. Even though I am "officially francophone" I speak, read and write a few more languages, and I find this whole thing ridiculous. In Switzerland they have four official languages but do not expect every federal government member, or any of them for that matter, to speak all of them. Enough of this expensive stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The worry isn't that they walked out; The worry is that they'll come back.

Sean M said...

Good point mary T... I worked in the printing industry for 10 years and I can assure you that printing the same thing in two different languages costs twice as much as one. That cost most assuredly gets past on to the consumer. The only people who put forward the argument that 'bilingualism" doesn't cost you anything are the people who benefit from it monetarily and tribally. It's the ultimate wedge issue and one of the most divisive unnecessary pieces of Government legislation ever imposed. Hopefully one day a proper accounting can be done to show the true economic costs of forced bilingualism. There's a good reason the Government keeps the true economic costs of bilingualism hidden away from the scrutiny of the taxpayer, billions and billions of reasons... the peasants would not be pleased.

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