Tuesday, October 25, 2011

VPT: As Time Goes By

John King, President VPT

Ann Curan VPT Philip Bretherton Moira Brooker

I love a lot of the Brit Coms. As Time Goes By is a favorite. I love Dame Judy Dench. I am a supporter of Vermont Public television. I think the CBC should try the PBS model and get their viewers to pay if they watch. I had the pleasure of meeting Alistair(Philip Bretherton) and Judith (Moira Brooker) in Montreal at a VPT event.
 They were absolutely lovely people. They told us about  behind the scenes of the show and about their experiences on the series.  Then they answered questions.  It was interesting to here how nervous Dame Judy was with a live studio audience. How the characters and relationships changed and grew. It was nice to hear that they all still meet once a year, though some have died. It was a mixed audience of Canadians, including French Canadians and Vermonters who were brought in by bus. It was an adoring crowd. The series was tilde over 15 years with exactly the same staff and actors. It made Dame Judy famous.

Here is the wedding episode. Enjoy.

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