Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Vote for Tim Hudak Tomorrow

It is a big day for the people of Ontario. The choice is clear. 4 more years of premier dad mean Ontario will cement it's role as a have not province. It's time to throw out mcliar and the grits.

Ross Ayotte: Premier Dud's broken promises

A vote for the McGuinty Ontario Liberals is a vote for higher taxes, higher fees and higher hydro rates, and there will be a huge increase in all of the above to pay for his grandiose campaign promises if re-elected and one thing we all know is there will be more broken promises, scandals and 'Premier Dud's' Liberal friends getting richer.
McGuinty has made a lot of promises to the people of Ontario since 2003 - promises still not kept.

Here's a list of some of those broken promises:...


Anonymous said...

Why bother. He has lost because of a terrible campaign

Roy Elsworth said...

according to sunnews the ontario lieberlas are Ganing momentum. I can't understand how ontarions can even Vote for this guy again. he's just going to lie to you. I suggest you guys in ontario send a petition out to have a recall put in so you can fire your Mpp or your premier. like in B.C.

Roy Elsworth said...

although B.C isn't much better rite now with premir Kristy Clark. but I home the leader of the BC conservative party gains momentum then we will have a viable rite wing party in BC.

Dave Hodson said...

Well, I did cast a vote at the advance poll for Hudak's PCs. However, I can't say I did it because I love Hudak. I even recall ranking Hudak as my 4th (and last) choice when voting for party leader the last time around--After Hudak became leader, I didn't bother to renew my provincial party membership. I just had a suspicion that Hudak was going to be Liberal lite and not come out with the bold policies needed and also not be much of a campaigner. Sadly, he has confirmed my suspicions.

However, I still voted for him. Why? Because he is by far the best choice in a poor lot. He's far superior to Dalton McGuinty, but that's not really setting the standard very high, is it?

I voted PC also because my local Candidate (and current MPP) Frank Klees has done an excellent job representing the area, both in opposition and in government and cabinet for a while. He deserves to be relected.

My prediction for tomorrow is, unfortunately, another McGuinty government, mainly due to Hudak's campaign (or lack thereof). Now I don't know what's worse... A McGuinty majority, or a McGuinty minority supported by the NDP. The Lib/NDP team is likely to be the most disasterous for the province, but on the plus side, it's not likely to last 4 full years. Either way, Ontario is about to continue it's death march as the sheeple follow the Liberals further in to debt, crazy environmentalism, and more nanny state controls on the people (most of these bans I ignore anyway). May God help us all, because we're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Sure, I'll vote Hudak - if I want to kill education, monitor everyone's internet usage, sell all public assets, privatize all public services and shake-down the middle class to pay for 'business meetings' every weekend at some rich SOB's yacht club.

Bad enough those greedy buggers are in charge federally - I don't want them running Ontario, thanks kindly.

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