Sunday, October 09, 2011

Unions fund anti Tory ads

Does this surprise anyone? Russ Hiebert's bill is a necessity.

OTTAWA — As the NDP faces questions about money it received from labour unions for convention advertising, newly-released financial reports show unions spent more than $400,000 on political ads during the spring federal election campaign.

Reports filed with Elections Canada show public sector and trade unions funded third-party ad buys in newspapers, websites and on radio across the country leading up to voting day on May 2.

Most of the union-funded ads were non-partisan on their face, but opposition parties were the likely beneficiaries of campaigns that questioned the wisdom of cutting public service jobs — as advocated by the Conservatives.

Among the biggest advertisers was the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which spent $134,000, mostly on a radio blitz the day before Canadians went to the polls.


Anonymous said...

And absolutely NOTHING will come of this.

Rob C

Jen said...

Those little guy whom the NDP so call claim to care about, do they know where their hard earned money some of which has to pay unions dues; do they know where it is being spent on?

Unions once served a purpose-not anymore.

I Support Lord Black