Monday, October 24, 2011

There will be a vote in the UK today about an EU referendum. I am decidedly a Euro Sceptic. The interests of the UK do not lie with the bloated super statist EU. HM UK governments under both Tories and labour promised referendums on the eu, but no one has followed through. There is full scale rebellion among Tory ranks. HM PM Cameron needs to embrace the rebellion. Free trade with Europe is fine, political integration is a terrible idea. The UK should open up free trade talks with all Commonwealth countries and the US. The UK's future is with the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth.

update: the vote is lost 483 to 111.
80 Tory MPs rebelled. HM Pm Cameron better watch out. The modd among tory voters is decidedly anti eu. Ignore your base at your peril.

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