Thursday, October 06, 2011

The src

If you think the English CBC is biased and it is, wait to you hear about the outrageous SRC. Eric Duhaime writes about the SRC today in the Sun.

For those of you who are shocked when the English CBC lets its slip show to expose its left-leaning bias, it’s probably because you don’t know the French CBC, which doesn’t even bother wearing anything over its slip.

Over the past few weeks, one of my friends, Frederick Tetu, has been doing a weekly feature called Radio-Canada Watch for a Quebec City radio show, in which he airs a few of the most revealing excerpts illustrating how anti-Conservative the French wing of that Crown corporation has become.

He doesn’t have to look very hard or for very long to find them.

On Sept. 16, for example, the president of a major Quebec union, Louis Roy of the CSN, was invited — for the second time in the season — to be the week’s guest on the CBC’s Medium Large.


Anonymous said...

Seriously...that's your smoking gun? A union leader invited twice on the same what? That proves nothing...if a head of major corporation was invited more than once...does that somehow prove the CBC is right wing?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree. Never a good word for the federal government or Canada, much less PM Harper or the Conservatives on Radio Canada.

After the English debate during the federal election, only 2 of the 8 commentators said that Harper had won the debate, much in contrast to the conclusion of most commentators in the rest of Canada.

Sean M said...

The CBC, both french and English are corrupt to the core. French CBC is a cess pool of Separatists, tribalists and other extremists of the left, and has been since the dark days of Turdo. The CBC's continuing efforts to remain unaccountable to the taxpayer has nothing to do with "journalistic integrity" , but rather is a desperate attempt at continuing to hide the obvious and overt lefty anti Canada bias. 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars a year for CBC to continue the trudeauvian ideological agenda of destroying Canada and replacing it with far left, marxist leaning, Trudeauvian cultism.

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