Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The second Petit trial

The second monster that raped and murdered Michaela Petit, Hayley Petit and Jennifer HawkE-Petit is being tried. Dr Petit, an endocrinologist from Connecticut testified about the abomination. This crime particularly upset me. Dr Petit and are both members of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology. I hope this animal rots in prison with his partner for eternity.

Prosecutor: Man is Playing Blame Game in Connecticut Home Invasion Trial
Published October 11, 2011 | Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, CONN. –  The trial of a Connecticut man charged with killing a woman and her two daughters during a gruesome home invasion headed to jury deliberations after his attorneys on Tuesday blamed a co-defendant and prosecutors argued it took two men to commit the crime and that he was the leader whose motive was an 11-year-old girl he molested.

Jurors were expected to begin deliberations Wednesday in the trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky, who faces a possible death sentence if convicted of the attack in Cheshire in 2007.

Authorities say Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes broke into the Cheshire home, beat Dr. William Petit with a bat, tied him and his family up and forced his wife to withdraw money from a bank. The house was doused in gas and set on fire, leading to the girls' deaths from smoke inhalation.

Hayes was convicted last year of raping and strangling Jennifer Hawke-Petit and killing her daughters. He is on death row.

Prosecutor Gary Nicholson said in his closing argument Tuesday that Komisarjevsky was motivated not just by money but by his interest in 11-year-old Michaela Petit, whom he spotted with her mother earlier at a supermarket. He's charged with sexually assaulting her.

"Michaela Petit, he was interested in her from the moment he saw her," Nicholson said.

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