Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rep by Pop

The new bill proposed by Hm Pm Harper will bring us back closer to the fundamental representation by population. 25 seats for BC, Alberta and Ontario and 2 seats for Quebec. It is fair and it should give many more Tory MP's in upcoming elections:)
Government sources report that, in legislation soon to be introduced by Tim Uppal, the Minister of State for Democratic Reform, Ontario’s seat count will increase by 13 seats from its current allotment of 106. This is down from the 18 seats it was to have received in previous legislation that died with the last Parliament.

British Columbia would receive five seats, down from its original allotment of seven, while Alberta would actually increase its count by six, up from its original five. Quebec would receive two seats, to keep its representation in the House from dropping below its share of the population.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty acknowledged Tuesday the province might end up with fewer new seats in the new bill. The difference, he said, would be tied to figures from Statistics Canada that show that the population of the province has declined.

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Anonymous said...

If quebec gets two seats, I will not vote Conservative next election!!

I Support Lord Black