Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quebec politics still confuses me

I don't want francois legault as Quebec premer. He is an empty suit devoid of ideas except those that increase the power of the state. He wants to use the Quebec pension plan as a piggy bank to nationalize Quebec's commodity industries. It now seems that the pq ( now in third place in the polls) with loser separatist gilles duceppe could beat the crypto separatist legault. duceppe who lost his own seat and whose party was almost wiped out, in the May 2, 2011 election. The ADQ is the only real alternative but is languishing in the polls. It's all confusing and sad.

Seul Gilles Duceppe pourrait empêcher François Legault de prendre le pouvoir. Personne ne pourrait faire mieux. Pauline Marois et Jean Charest seraient littéralement taillés en pièces par l’ex-chef du Bloc québécois.

Aux commandes du PQ, Gilles Duceppe battrait un parti dirigé par François Legault avec 37 % des intentions de vote et deviendrait le prochain premier ministre du Québec, indique un sondage Léger Marketing/Agence QMI réalisé pour le compte de l’émission Larocque-Lapierre.


Candice said...
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Anonymous said...

We need to start a movement to bring back Mario Dumont to head the A.D.Q. If enough Quebecers gave $10 each to encourage him to quit his job with the t.v. station, we could have an alternative to the separatists, corrupt Liberals and the left-leaning Legault who pretends he is like the A.D.Q.

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