Thursday, October 27, 2011

The pq is in very bad shape

And that makes me smile. The separatists are separating onto multiple factions. I have lost count how many new parties on the separatist left have formed lately. As a federalist that makes me very happy. It would make me happier if the ADQ was doing better in the polls and legault would go away, but I can't have everything.

With most of the attention on the controversy surrounding Premier Jean Charest's construction pseudo-inquiry last week, an extraordinary development concerning the Parti Québécois went relatively unnoticed.

On Wednesday evening, shortly after Charest unveiled his "contraption" inquiry, a PQ member of the National Assembly, Stéphane Bergeron, skipped out of a meeting of the caucus of PQ MNAs to attend a public meeting of Québec solidaire.

Another PQ MNA, Sylvain Pagé, showed up later at the meeting, which was also attended by three of the five MNAs who resigned from the PQ caucus last June.

It's almost unheard of for prominent members of one party to attend a partisan event held by another, except as official observers at a party convention.

What's more, one of the speakers at the meeting was Québec solidaire co-spokesperson Françoise David, who will be a serious challenger to PQ MNA Nicolas Girard in the east-central Montreal riding of Gouin in the next election.

The presence of the MNAs fed into speculation that the PQ is on the verge of disintegrating, losing support to the sovereignist left-wing Québec solidaire as well as the new party about to be launched by former PQ minister François Legault.

And it showed that PQ leader Pauline Marois's authority over her party remains tenuous.


Anonymous said...

The whole party is a farce.
It was originally created to help a referendum campaign then they said they would dissolve.

We all know how that turned out. The Sepratistes lost narrowly in part because of an incompetent PM but nonetheless it was a loss.Yet, they are still here.

No mandate, no cause, no reason to exist except of course for money, privilege and perks.As this parade comes to an end they must seek a new avenue to stay entitled.

Jen said...

Do quebecers know the extent of their province debt. I find it rather unusual and hypocritical that a province so deep in debt have the nerve to question the fed deficit.

The day a politician who truly want his province regain pride and respect from others, he first has to tell all quebecers whether on national television or on radio or newspaper of quebec's situation; then tell them that taking money from provinces to keep on going with the present mess, is not considered PRIDE. but a fact that they are beholden to other provinces, will find himself in the premier's chair.

At first the public will be in shock then disgusted at themselves and their province for having to live off of other provinces particularly alberta and western province.

I Support Lord Black