Sunday, October 23, 2011

The opposite of diversity...

university. A wise saying from Kate at Small Dead Animals. A Canadian conference on the subject.
Canadian universities are increasingly leftist indoctrination centres. Turning out vast numbers of kids who are virtually unemployable from the arts and humanities faculties. In the Us student debt has reached $1 trillion.

CALGARY — Freedom of expression is under attack on Canada's university campuses, according to speakers Saturday at a national civil liberties conference at the University of Calgary.

The RightsWatch conference, now in its third year, brought together academics, activists and legal professionals for two days of debate and discussion.

Former University of Calgary Students’ Union president Charlotte Kingston said she’s seen disputes on several university campuses — ranging from Memorial University of Newfoundland’s decision to deny club status to a pro-life group in 2007 to the uproar over the cancellation of a speech by American right-wing politician Ann Coulter during a visit to the University of Ottawa in 2010.

“We’ve seen several campuses misunderstand their role as representatives by asserting policy of which views they consider tolerable and views which they don’t,” Kingston said.

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Anonymous said...

Time to defund them and lets the punks see the true costs for their useless Poly-Sci degree or dead-end course that gets them $30K in debt with no hope of a job from their smug arrogant rants to mock Corporations as they think that the Goverment should employ them in CUPE or OPSEU.
I see now why Jack Layton was so upset at student Debt, I too would be anger if my child spent 4 years in Universty and came out just as stupid and useless as when the enrolled but now owing $30K and expecting other people to pay it off by their entitlement attitude as we see in Occupy Toronto.

I Support Lord Black