Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ontario's wrong turn

David Frum explores Ontario's wrong turn. Hopefully Tim Hudak will use the next few years to consolidate Tory gains and defeat the grits the next time.

Ontario faced a near-term future of fiscal austerity, no matter who won the election. The ballot question in 2011 was: How was this austerity to be achieved? The McGuinty record was clear: The McGuinty version of fiscal austerity included continuing pay increases for public-sector workers.

The McGuinty version of fiscal austerity includes green-jobs boondoggles. Ontarians must overpay twice for energy: Once in the form of huge overpayments to uncompetitive solar and wind producers, and then again in the form of subsidies to companies that manufacture the components for solar and wind.

The McGuinty version of fiscal austerity will tilt toward tax increases and away from spending control.

A tax-heavy version of austerity will have serious consequences for Ontario within Confederation.


Anonymous said...

By time the "next" time come around will it even be possible Tim Hudak to correct the screwing that Papa Doc Dalton puts to Ontario?

Thucydides said...

We can accelerate the process through several means

1. Go Okie. Alberta and Saskatchewan could use energetic, productive workers and producers, and they don't tax the heck out of you. Less tax dollars for the Liberal/NDP axis.

2. Go Galt. If you are not busy producing or consuming, you are not feeding the Liberal/NDP government machine. Don't work overtime, don't expand your business or hire new workers, patch your clothes and keep your car running a few more years. Grow a victory garden and get a rain barrel.

3. Stand and fight. Bring up the uncomfortable economic facts in every forum and using every channel at your disposal. Anti-Obama forces in the US are now placing stickers and notices in grocery stores and gas pumps pointing out the new high prices are brought to you by Obama; we can do the same. Phone in shows, even starting simple conversations on the street (wow, look how much prices have gone up ever since McGuinty was re elected) are other methods. Bringing up scandals wherever y0ou can could also put pressure on people to quit or be forced out. Four years of preparing the ground will do wonders.

4. Take over the PC party riding association by riding association. Frankly, if the party had the balls to put the economy front and center and have a frank conversation with voters on how everything has to be on the table to prevent an economic disaster, the voters would have had some reason to vote for the PC party. Time to replace the current leadership with the sort of people who have the courage to stand for something.

Anonymous said...

This has little to do with Hudak, he could have been more Conservative but, it would have meant coming off as scary, because, Ontario's economy is very scary right now. The TStar and the Globe should be ashamed of the last few months, its that simple. Ontario is in danger of going 300 billion in debt thanks to Dalton, our interest on our debt will probably be 15 billion a year when he's done as well, the debt in a few years will be at the 'never ever ever ever stage' in its ability to be paid back. The ironic part of all of this is, the Unions and Special Interest Groups are the ones who will have to pay the final bill with cuts to salarys and even pensions. But, why report on that when all it could do was damage McGuinty. Why do the Ontario Liberals want to saddle my grandkids with a debt they can never pay??

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