Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Toronto silliness

My friend BCF has a great video on the commies and their friends demonstrating for who knows what. Enjoy and have a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Where is -15C and snow when you need it?

Fat Tony

Anonymous said...

Which bailouts are the unions protesting?
The ones they got, or the ones they didn't get?

Grannie said...

Can anyone please explain the Siren Woman's point to me?

groovetech said...

I actually share similar thoughts. No offense to anyone who is suffering or victimized but Occupy movement is pretty useless.

In stead of smoking weed at the park, I went to the Parkdale Foodbank and volunteered for 2 hours. If more people were really trying to make an impact against poverty, I would suggest they do the same.

I should note that I am a commy dipper but that doesn't mean I don't have common sense.

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