Thursday, October 27, 2011

occupy Montreal takes food out of the mouths of babies

So it seems the free loaders are also taking food donations that should be going to food banks.
These people should clean up their mess and go get jobs.
Protest diverts food: critics
'Not needy people'; Groups divided over donations to activists


As students and others protest at the Occupy Montreal site in Victoria Square, an on-site kitchen is serving three meals a day and snacks to 500 people, using food that some say should be donated to food banks.
Photograph by: JOHN KENNEY THE GAZETTE, The Gazette
Diverting goods that could help local food banks to the Occupy Montreal kitchen has some aid agencies at odds with one another.

"I think a lot of those activists are not needy people," Cyril Morgan of the Welcome Hall Mission said of the campers in Victoria Square. "If you are needy, you don't have food on your table to eat."
Unable to assess the level of their need, Morgan said he's hesitant about giving food - especially when excess food at the mission can be distributed to homeless shelters and food banks.

The Welcome Hall Mission operates one of Montreal's largest food banks, servicing 1,200 families every week. The mission also delivers 70 tonnes of food per month.

"Delivering food, I guess, would be a nice thing to do, but so would the city of Montreal supplying electricity so they could plug themselves in and listen to music, have heaters in their tents, and have a great time," said Morgan, executive director at the mission.

Then there's this.

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Anonymous said...


These professional wing-nut anarchists, their naive “useful idiots” who have been sucked in by the bizarre absurdity of their hysterical and incomprehensible Marxist’s talking points, and the extreme left-bias media, consider that wealth creators should re-distribute their wealth, created by their intellect and brawn, to anarchists wealth-takers who repudiate attempting to create their own wealth while demonizing capitalism. They hate the rich, at least until a government redistributes wealth to these mob leaders.

The only “work” these professional anarchists and their class-warfare comrades execute is to protest for pay by the Marxist Big Union bosses, and extreme left-wing billionaires. Why do these extreme leftist walk by George Soros’s house to go and protest against Murdock. Why do these guys not recognize that we need the Gates, Jobs and Buffets if we expect our standard of living to improve.

These mob leaders always express the fanatically radical, anti-capitalist, anti-free market theme of juvenile political science socialists who argue that they are entitled to other’s wealth: “each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

These activists must get off welfare and occupy a work-place, so that they can afford to eventually occupy a house and feed their children without welfare.


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