Friday, October 28, 2011

New Rules on Giving

 I believe that we all have to help the poor ourselves, not just say the government should do it. I give to a wide variety of charities. I think everyone should. I don't think the government should be funding charities. I also think the tax write off for charities should be the same as for political parties. It's time for the government to be smaller and we as citizens do more to support good causes.

Ottawa looks at rewriting rules on charitable giving
OTTAWA— From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Oct. 28, 2011 4:30AM EDT

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This is part of The Globe and Mail's in-depth look at the evolution of philanthropy that launches Saturday at

Ottawa is conducting a sweeping overhaul of the way it finances charities and non-profit organizations, pledging a new era of accountability in which businesses and citizens shoulder more of the cost of giving.

The government’s lead minister for the changes said financing will come with more strings attached in an effort to ensure that organizations deliver promised social gains.

While the first steps will be small, the government’s ultimate goal is a shift in public expectations as to the role of government in assisting social causes.

This is of course an excellent charity to honour HM the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.


Dan Bergen said...

I think if we made it the same as for political parties there would be a huge amount of opposition, especially from religious folks.
Right now it is unlimited, but if this was the case it would be capped fairly low.

Dollops said...

Government really should not involve itself in cajoling or coercing citizens to donate money to any cause whatsoever. Those of us who make sacrifices for charitable or political purposes put our money where our mouth is, and hold the recipients accountable by simply withholding funds from agencies that don't measure up to our expectations. Try doing that with your misspent tax monies.

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