Monday, October 17, 2011

The neo bloquiste mulcair

mulcair and the dippers are not averse to further suppressing the anglophone and allophone minorities in Quebec. mulcair and the dippers are the new bloc.

Jack Layton and Mr. Mulcair worked together to supplant the Bloc Québécois by appropriating most of its policies. They recognized Quebec’s unconditional right to secede on a bare majority vote, they opposed equal rights for English in Quebec, and they opposed the Supreme Court of Canada’s recognition of a right to English public schooling after sufficient years of English private schooling.

Interviewed by Alex Castonguay in L’Actualité on May 19, Mr. Mulcair revealed that, in the 1980s, he demanded that Quebec not permit English on road signs: “He insisted that signs along the highways should be in French only, even in the West Island. ‘The metropolis must maintain its French face everywhere, that’s very important,’ he said.”


Anonymous said...

And this is why Mulcair will not win the coveted trophy to represent the NDP.
Topp will be the victor but will lose popularity within the province of Quebec.
A lose-lose situation for the Dippers.

Sean M said...

It really is sickening to see such radical bigots and divisive nit wits like Mulcair and Topp vying for the leadership of the BlocNDP party. My hope is that people will look beyond the foggy haze the MSM will continue to manufacture regarding the realities of this New Democratic Bloc Party and see them for what they really are.

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