Monday, October 17, 2011

My friend James Bowden has an article in the National Post. This young man is a rising star and will be one of our recognized constitutional scholars. An excellent article on the holding the dippers to account for their positions.

Favouring Quebec in Parliament is illegal
James W.J. Bowden, National Post · Oct. 17, 2011 | Last Updated: Oct. 17, 2011 2:05 AM ET

In the last Parliament, the Harper government introduced legislation to expand the House of Commons by about 30 seats, in order to accommodate the growing populations of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario - all of which are currently under-represented. The New Democrats opposed giving these three provinces more seats, unless Quebec retains a fixed proportion of the new total (and does so in perpetuity). This proposal is unconstitutional. Yet so far, neither the Harper government itself nor the media have criticized the New Democrats' proposal, or their seeming ignorance as to Canada's foundational law.

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James W.J. Bowden said...

Thanks, Dr! But you might too effusive in your praise. After I earn my PhD, maybe I could then be called an expert on certain aspects of the constitution.

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