Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More amusement from larry martin

Über Grit larry martin plaintive cries are actually quite amusing. He talks about dry den's values. ken dryden couldn't even even achieve the top 3 of grit leadership. His appeal to even grits was so low that he still has leadership debt from 2006. larry's desperate bleating for the grit a comeback and his new embrace of the dippers show the desperation of the grit media machine.
larry is becoming as irrelevant as his grit political masters and that makes me smile.

Under the Conservatives, Canada is a country that venerates the military, boasts a hardened law-and-order and penal system, is anti-union and less green. It’s a government that extols, without qualms of colonial linkage, the monarchy, that has a more restrictive entry policy, that takes a narrower view of multiculturalism, that pursues an adversarial approach to the United Nations. In a historical first, Canada’s foreign policy, its strident partisanship in the Middle East being a foremost example, can be said to be to the right of the United States.

In a nutshell, the cliché about Canada’s being a kinder, gentler nation is being turned on its head. In hockey parlance – the preferred Canadian way of communication – we’re shifting, with voter approval, from a country of Ken Dryden values to one closer to those of Don Cherry.

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Anonymous said...

Speeking of leadership debt. Have those loans been paid back yet?

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