Friday, October 28, 2011

mope and mail wants to limit free speech

A truly foolish and dangerous editorial in the mop and pail. The writer has no understanding of free speech and slags Ezra and Mark Steyn. She seems to thing that Canadians can't handle free speech. She seems to say that THe US should have more laws like us. It is more nanny statism by someone who can't handle the fact that Freedom of Speech is our first freedom. We must be loathe to abridge that freedom in any way. I suspect this writer is eyeing a h&c thought police gig. The h&c industry employs lots of people of limited intelligence and limited imagination. Its time to rid ourselves of the censors

The Supreme Court of Canada is currently pondering whether to jettison provisions in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code that restrict free speech in the interests of protecting a vulnerable minority from publicly proclaimed hatred. The case in question concerns the rights of homosexuals, but the issue is broader: The court’s judgment will have a ripple effect on anti-hate laws and the rights of minorities everywhere.

Given its multicultural fabric, contemporary Canada is vulnerable to the potential rise of ethnic hatreds, and it is naive, not to mention ahistorical, to assume that our mythologized consensus over tolerance cannot easily be eroded.

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Alain said...

As sure as the sun rises and sets, one can always expect the Left to be totalitarians in disguise.

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