Sunday, October 09, 2011

Lorne Gunter on political fundraising

I agree with Lorne Gunter, ridding us of electoral welfare is a good idea. I also agree that all charities should have the same deductions as political parties. I think allowing corporate and union donations should be allowed but should be totally transparent.

On Tuesday, the federal Tories introduced legislation to end direct taxpayer subsidies to political parties.


The move doesn't go far enough. Federal parties will still enjoy tax deductibility for the donations they receive that is 3-1/2 times more generous than the writeoffs available to registered charities. Four hundred dollars given to the Tories, Liberals or NDP will yield a tax credit of $300, while $400 given to a charity will lead to a deduction of just $88.

The message that sends is that our elected representatives believe they and their activities are more than three times as valuable to Canada as the work of the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Canadian Cancer Society.

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