Saturday, October 29, 2011

Less intervention in the economy a great thing

I am not a fan of stimulus. It is a tremendous waste of money and it doesn't work. I have not enjoyed watch Canada's economic action plan, but I understand it was thrust upon us by the dippers and grits, who actually wanted more stimulus then and more stimulus now. I am glad HM PM Harper is steering away from such madness. Now its time to cut government spending even more!!

OTTAWA — Stephen Harper is a student of laissez-faire economics, and after five years of what some observers believe was iron-fist intervention, the prime minister appears to be returning to his instincts of letting an invisible hand guide the economy.

Harper's first six months with a majority in the House of Commons have been far less interventionist on economic matters than during his half-decade of minority rule, as the Conservative government rejects calls for more stimulus spending and maintains its stay-the-course approach despite increasing global turmoil.

At the same time, Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty — emboldened by positive reviews about Canada from credit rating agencies and major economic institutions — have spent the first half year with a majority lecturing European leaders about the need to act decisively to rein in crippling deficit and debt levels in the eurozone.

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rabbit said...

With a majority government, Harper does not have to worry about an election for four years. He can implement those policies he believes are correct, and let time judge whether they are right or wrong.

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