Friday, October 14, 2011

le petit dauphin won't run...

for now. It looks to me that bob are will be running the party and I doubt there will be anything but another grit coronation. Dominic Leblanc has all but disappeared and really the only face of the grits is bob are. le petit dauphin knows the grits will not be back in power any time soon. He knows he has little chance of defeating rae. I suspect the martin/ chretien feud is still going on underneath all this. Lovely to watch others tear themselves apart for a change.

The Liberals are in need of a new leader, but Quebec MP Justin Trudeau says it won't be him, at least for now.

Trudeau, one of the few household names left in the Liberal party, told CTV's National Affairs he won't be running for party leader at the next convention, expected in 2013.

The father of two children, aged two and four, said he wants to focus on the grassroots of his party and not on leadership.

"We've spent too much time talking about leadership, too much time over the past decade focused on finding that right person who is going to bring us back to the promised land as Liberals," Trudeau, 39, said. "We need to start doing the hard work on the ground."

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