Tuesday, October 25, 2011

larry martin, economic illiterate

larry's latest column is breathtakingly silly. He seems to think that high Canadian wage earners don't pay enough tax. I guess he doesn't realize that high income earners already pay a large proportion of all income tax. (top 10% of wage erners pay 40% of all income tax) He doesn't understand that high income earners are very mobile. Iguess liberal larry has decided his beloved grits are dead and now is the time to become a full blown socialist.

One of the big successes of the Conservatives has been their demonization of taxation.

Old-time Progressive Conservatives weren’t so inclined, but the Stephen Harper breed learned the art from Republicans south of the border. The neo-cons’ anti-tax campaign spooked the opposition parties. When Michael Ignatieff once hinted he might raise the GST, they practically billy-clubbed him to death.


johndoe124 said...

I guess Larry also doesn't understand that governments don't create wealth. Every tax dollar extracted from the wealthy is one less dollar that can be used for wealth creation.

Socialists talk a lot but they are wont to put your money where their mouth is.

Jen said...

What bothers me Dr. Roy, is the huge strike at the construction site in Quebec.

Why don't the people who want to work not strike at every beck and call from the unions whistles take to the streets in protest against the unions.

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