Saturday, October 01, 2011


I am ambivalent about the insite decision. I have spoken to Dr Gabor Mate about insite and he rightly points out that most of my opposition to insite is iedeological rather than completely evidence based. I have a lot of problems spending huge amounts of money to keep addicts in their misery. If my libertarian friends want to to do drugs , people should suffer the consequences of their actions. Instead the state facilitates the addiction. I must say I have looked at some of the studies on insite and have not been overly impressed. I dont want insites popping up all over Canada, but I also believe that if provinces want to do it we should leave it up tio them. The supremes are have spoken. I dont particularly like the charter of rights with no responsibilities, but it is the law of the land. trudeau s poison still remains.


Cytotoxic said...

Wow, commentary approaching sanity of InSite. Fine, we shouldn't give taxpayer money to it. Otherwise its operators have every right to do what they do.

Jen said...

You can't have a the insite clinic without drugs flowing in the streets for these addicts to buy so they can use the facilities at insite clinic.
which begs the question Has drug selling in streets become legal for these addicts to maintain their lifestyle.

Every province should be responsibility for aiding insite clinics paid for by its citizens-not fed gov.

Alain said...

Dr. Mate should be reminded that support for insite is ideological rather than evidence based, so this cuts both ways. As for the court decision, that was probably the most twisted reasoning I have seen to date from them. We have people in this country dying while awaiting proper health care, and this bunch comes up with drug users having the right to tax payer funded injection sites.

Joseph said...

two points to consider in response to th eInsite decision:

1- The Federal government should order the RCMP to perform daily drug raids on Insite until the only peoplr using this so-called service are the ones that want to go into re-hab.
2 - Just to clear up the debate on health care, the federal ministry of health should be renamed the ministry of medicine.

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