Saturday, October 08, 2011

i am not a fan of bill 101. The dippers want to extend it to the federal government office in Quebec. That is unacceptable. As it is the rights of anglophone Quebeckers are ignored. This would be a very bad idea and I am sure the Tories and grits will oppose this sop to the dipper nationalist base in Quebec.
NDP tables bill to protect French language rights in Quebec


An NDP private member's bill would expand French language rights for federally-regulated employees in Quebec.
Photograph by: Phil Carpenter, Gazette file photo
OTTAWA — Now the voice of Quebec in the House of Commons, the New Democratic Party has introduced legislation to preserve French language rights for federally regulated workers in the province.

The private member's bill introduced this week seeks to harmonize Canada's labour code with Bill 101, Quebec's French language charter which defines French as the province's only official language — the language of "work, instruction, communication, commerce and business."

As it stands, the law only applies to provincial workers — for instance, those who work at a caisse populaire, not employees of a chartered bank.

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