Thursday, October 27, 2011

HM the Queen : Wizard of Oz?

Apparently the occupy Melbourne crazies voted to leave the square they were sleeping so as not to inconvenience HM. Anotherbig crowd in Melbourne. A very successful trip.

Even more remarkable, perhaps, has been the behaviour of Melbourne’s ‘Occupy’ protesters.
This is the same anti-capitalist movement currently camping outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London. But whereas the ‘Occupy London’ crowd won’t budge for anyone, the ‘Occupy Melbourne’ brigade yesterday agreed to suspend their protest in the city centre. Organisers decided it would be counter-productive and ‘belligerent’ to spoil the Queen’s day. So they called a truce.
Extraordinary stuff.
As for the royal couple, they have not betrayed a flicker of fatigue from the moment they landed in Canberra last week and embarked on a full schedule without so much as a rest day. 

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