Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The grit tipping point

An interesting analysis of fading grit fortunes. Dalton's arrogance masks that the grits are in lreefal in much of Canada.

Hébert: Have Liberals reached the point of no return?

October 12, 2011

Chantal Hébert


Anyone who has ever glanced at surrounding traffic in the side mirror of an automobile is familiar with the warning that objects are closer than they appear.

It may be time for the Liberals to affix that message to their party’s windshield.

Notwithstanding the party’s victories in Ontario and Prince Edward Island, the decline of the Liberal brand in Canada has continued unabated this fall.

With only one provincial election left to go in 2011, the NDP is closer to its goal of overtaking the Liberals as Canada’s dominant progressive party than the latter’s two recent provincial victories make it appear.

The Saskatchewan vote, set for Nov. 7, is unlikely to alter the NDP/Liberal picture. The Liberals were absent from the previous Legislature and the battle for power in Regina is between outgoing premier Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan party and the New Democrats.

So far, the NDP has made gains in every vote it has competed in this year.

That includes Manitoba, where Premier Greg Selinger is the only incumbent to have added a seat to his take rather than shed part of his caucus on the way to another mandate.

On Tuesday the NDP quintupled its seat score in Newfoundland and Labrador and doubled it in the Yukon.

In Ontario last Thursday, the party almost doubled its seats, moving from 10 to 17 MPPs.

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