Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gilad Shalit to be free!!

I am very , very happy that this young man will be returned to his family. Hams has held him for 5 years and not even allowed Red Cross visits. Hamas that is trying to ethnically cleanse their terrotories and routinely breaks international law. why don't we have Palestinian apartheid weeks?
I thank God for bringing this young man home. May he and his family finally find some peace.

In a deal that may signal future co-operation between enemies, Israel and the militant Palestinian movement Hamas have agreed to an exchange of prisoners in which a young soldier, Gilad Shalit, virtually adopted by his entire nation, will be coming home after more than five years captivity as a hostage in Gaza.

“Gilad will return to Israel in the coming days,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly declared in a nationally televised address before entering a meeting of his cabinet Tuesday evening to ratify the deal.

Mr. Netanyahu had reason to be happy: After five years of staring each other down, it was Hamas that blinked.


Ian in NS said...

The Israelis are freeing over 1000 prisoners to get him back, including 300 serving life sentences for terrorism offenses. At first glance it seems Hamas hit the jackpot; at a 1000-to-1 payback ratio, they would be very encouraged to stage more kidnappings of Israeli soldiers to ransom them off. A very high price for Israel to pay.

Zev said...

This isn’t the first time Israel has made wildly disproportionate exchanges.

I asked an Israeli friend about it.

He asked me, ‘Do you have any idea how much it COSTS to feed1,000 prisoners’?

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