Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Speech

I don't particularly like what bill whatnot has to say. Indeed I find him offensive, but I absolutely defend his right to free speech. We need to rid Canada of the h&c thought police and I hope the Supreme Court will full that this fundamental right should not be abridged.

Bill Whatcott doesn’t like homosexuality.

A few years ago, that point of view would be called “mainstream.” In fact, until the 1960s, homosexuality was a crime in the Criminal Code. That’s been amended.

But there is another book out there, called the Holy Bible, that is equally critical of homosexuality.

It hasn’t been amended yet, and some people still believe in it.

That’s called freedom of religion.

Whatcott doesn’t quietly believe homosexuality is wrong.

He’s noisy about it. He hands out literature on the subject.

He’s not diplomatic; some of his flyers are downright rude.

But he’s always peaceful. Whatcott has never called for or committed violence.

What Bill Whatcott is doing is expressing himself.

He’s upset about things — about a sexual practice he disagrees with, and the political acceptance of it.

But he’s going about his disagreement in a very Canadian way — peacefully protesting about it.

But that’s illegal in Saskatchewan, under section 14 of their human rights law, which reads in part:...

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Dollops said...

Your reference to religion is sure to shake some not-yet-believers out of their trees so I hope to pre-empt them in this way. Culture, religion and civilisation are all entwined from earliest of times in pursuit of one end. That is the recognition by all that actions have consequences and bad actions (sins) lead to bad outcomes for sinners and those who associate with them. When the message is a condemnation of sin it is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago and it doesn't matter whether the messenger wears a collar or professes atheism. Human rights tribunals act against the best interests of individuals and society when they stifle the warnings that seek only to protect us from our own perverse natures.

Anonymous said...

leftists are so concerned about one kook whose words really cost nothing, but fawn over liars and frauds like Al Gore whose words and influence waste billions world wide;

I Support Lord Black