Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dalton's union pandering

No wonder mcliar panders to unions. He depends on them for advertising. Everyone knows the working families coalition is a liberal front organization. Extorting money from their members to keep mcliar in power is bad for Ontario. My friend Gerry Nuchols has it right.

End union oppression
Gerry Nicholls, National Post · Oct. 3, 2011 | Last Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 3:03 AM ET

When it comes to running a political ad campaign, Ontario's big union bosses have a pretty sweet deal.

Here's how it works: union bosses come up with the political agenda, while unionized employees are forced to come up with the cash. Or to put it another way, unionized employees in Ontario must pay for union boss propaganda campaigns whether they like it or not.

And you can see this arrangement working right now in Ontario's provincial election. Union bosses are currently squeezing money out of unionized workers' pockets to finance a front group called Working Families, which has one goal and one goal only: to demonize Progressive Conservative Party leader Tim Hudak with TV attack ads.

Most unionized employees don't like such tactics. A recent Nanos Research survey, commissioned by the Canadian LabourWatch Association, showed 73% of unionized Canadians are opposed to the types of negative attack ads being run by unions or by union front groups.

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