Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Crime against Humanity

Heartbreaking article by a physician of Egyptian origin. Will the west watch and have people like this made are university professors while another genocide occurs?

Last May, I wrote a long Opinion article for The Gazette on the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution. The headline, "Still waiting for an Egyptian revolution" expressed my disappointment at its results and my concern for the Islamic radicalism it had let loose on society, particularly on the Christian minority. Describing the surge in Islamic violence, I wrote: "The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and the tens of millions of their supporters smell an Islamic state in the making. Only one barrier stands in their way: 10 million indigenous Egyptian Christians who have preserved their faith intact despite 14 centuries of uninterrupted suffering. And so the Islamists are accelerating their attacks that led to last week's bloodshed, and whose end no one dares to imagine."

This last weekend, we were forced to imagine it. A week before, a mob had burned down a Christian church in a small southern village - the fourth incident of its kind in less than a year. The church was 60 years old, had all the valid permits from the government, and had already agreed not to hang a cross or ring its bells. Yet that still wasn't enough. In yet another sign of lawlessness and a drive for hegemony by radical Islamists, the governor of the province condoned the church's destruction and refused to bring the perpetrators, who in the meantime had also destroyed several Christian homes in the village, to justice.

That was finally enough for the Christians. On Sunday, they marched peacefully in Cairo to protest and stage a sit-in in front of the national television building, whose news anchors had waged a campaign against Christians for the last several months. What followed was statesponsored terrorism directed at the state's own people, a crime against humanity. The army fired live ammunition into the crowds, and used its armoured personnel carriers to mow down protesters. Thirty people were killed, and more are dying every day of serious injuries. More than 100 Christians have lost their lives to violence in Egypt since the beginning of this year alone.

On Sunday, Egyptian army soldiers were killing their own countrypeople indiscriminately, yelling "Allah Akbar." They were encouraging marauding gangs with clubs, machetes, and swords to capture and kill Christians. Victims were mutilated, and many corpses were riddled with bullets. Egyptian state television, now slave to a new master - Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the supreme commander of the armed forces - incited the people to come out and defend the army against the Coptic Christians. It aired interviews with soldiers and others describing Christians as "sons of dogs" and "not worthy of living." The next morning, anchors were rationalizing this behaviour by claiming that there are more churches than mosques in Egypt.

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