Monday, October 10, 2011

CBC cuts?

I would like to see a 33% annual cut until it has no government funding. We have no need to waste $ 1.1 billion on this leftist cabal. They can be leftists in the private sector.

OTTAWA — The CBC, embroiled in both a legal fight and a parliamentary probe over its record on responding to access-to-information requests, is now also bracing for deep funding cuts, perhaps $100 million or more from its annual federal allotment of about $1.1 billion.

The prospect of a severely slashed budget has emerged despite Conservative election promises to "maintain or increase" support for the public broadcaster, and amid fears now openly expressed by top executives that the coming cuts could be driven even deeper by relentless attacks from the CBC's competitor, Quebecor, and its conservative-minded network of television stations, websites and Sun newspapers.

After a Quebec arts-funding flap that may well have cost the federal Conservatives a majority government in 2008, Heritage Minister James Moore made it a mission to reassure anxiety-filled, culture-minded Canadians — right through the 2011 election campaign — that the CBC was in no danger of being de-funded or otherwise diminished.


Anonymous said...

am sure with you on this idea Dr., and if we all squawk and squeal long and hard enough, perhaps the government will do what is right for the country, and for the hard pressed taxpayers, who should not be forced to pay for this leftist incestuous monster.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the government is doing on the TV market and in doing so gouging the tax payers at the tune of 1B per year.

Anonymous said...

Say goodbye to the (Communist Broadcasting Corp.) once an for all - Cut off all funding to these left wing zombies and let them work for a living.
They need to see what real work is like.

Alain said...

The very concept of a state broadcaster smacks of totalitarianism. I don't care if it is left, right or centre, the only reasonable ;thing to do is to privatise it.

Brian said...

Don't count the CBC out yet....for years they have managed to dodge being fiscally responsible. Perhaps this "MAYBE"10% is a ploy to get everyone to back off and when the time comes much later next year the numbers will look much smaller. You would think they would cut it now if they were serious...the sooner the cut the more the govt. saves!

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