Friday, October 14, 2011

Canada is second most happy country on Earth

Another poll showing how lucky Canadians are. I again note that 6 of the top 7 happiest places on Earth are Constitutional Monarchies! Though I note I am not altogether happy with the idea of changing the Act of Settlement.( Before you call me anti Catholic.)

In the "How's Life?" initiative, the results of which were published online Oct. 12, the OECD used data from 2010 Gallup world polls to calculate the happiness and well-being of people in 40 different countries, and investigated which factors have the strongest influence on people's happiness.

On a scale of 0 to 10, citizens of Denmark rated their life satisfaction at 7.8, on average. Citizens of Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Israel and Finland were next most satisfied, followed by people in Ireland, Austria, and the United States, where people rated their life satisfaction at 7.2. Chinese and Hungarian people reported the lowest overall life satisfaction, both at 4.7.

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