Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on multiculturalism

An interesting piece on Ayaan Hirsi Ali who also understands the threat of toxic multiculturalism. She understands that in Western societies have asked to overcome clan loyalties to become citizens. I promised to send her Professor Mansur's book a few weeks ago.

Calgary — The concept of citizenship is a curious one for a nomad — at least that’s the word Ayaan Hirsi Ali used to describe herself in the title of her latest memoir. Ms. Hirsi Ali spent her childhood shuttling between Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, before fleeing an arranged marriage that would have brought her to Canada, settling instead in the Netherlands. There, after attending university and becoming a member of parliament—speaking out against radical Islam and its threat to Dutch culture—she stepped down from politics and nearly had her citizenship revoked (she had used false information on her refugee claim 14 years earlier). After appealing to France to grant her citizenship, she ended up in 2006 in the United States.

Perhaps a life spent without a permanent link to any one country, though, has at least given Ms. Hirsi Ali a perspective rare among prominent Western intellectuals. Arriving in Holland for the first time, she recalls first encountering the expectation that she would curb her ethnic loyalties in favour of a nation state, and finding it nothing less than bizarre.

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