Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Another entitled Ont grit

mcliar is sending out notices about how much he is bribing Ontarians withand now this:. mcliar and his grits are despicable.

A top union leader at the Ontario Provincial Police Association was paid while he campaigned for a Liberal seat in the legislature, the Citizen has learned.

Karl Walsh, the OPPA's chief administrative officer and former president, took 10 weeks of paid leave between his nomination and the 30day writ period, according to a letter circulated by interim president Jim Christie.

Christie told OPP members the day Walsh was announced as the Liberal candidate for the riding of Barrie, where incumbent Liberal Aileen Carroll decided not to run.

Walsh was trumpeted as an "active OPP officer and CAO (chief administrative officer) of the Ontario Provincial Police Association" when he was nominated in early July.

Ontario public servants are not allowed to seek to become a candidate in a federal or provincial election unless they are on unpaid leave of absence.


Pissedoff said...

Well can he do any more damage than the OPP cowards in Caledonia, maybe ask Fantino Harper's buddy.

Anonymous said...

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