Sunday, October 02, 2011

Alison Redford is a lefty?

The Alberta PC's have elected a human rights lawyer to be premier of Alberta. I would have far preferred Ted Morton. I think this is all excellent news for my friend Danieele Smith and the Wildrose Alliance. The pc's seem to be lurching left. Many of my Alberta friends tell me they will not be voting pc. I guess I should give the new premier a chance, but I doubt she will reform the horrible Alberta hrc. If she does and restores free speech in Alberta , I will have to reconsider her, but I doubt she will be any better than ed stelmach.

Alison Redford is in charge.

Excitement, a thumping pulse, drama into the wee hours in the capital city at the very end of a campaign where even a political junkie couldn’t get a fix.

Insider against Outsider. Establishment Against Rebel. Gary Mar and Alison Redford.

The first votes come in — Mar and Redford jousting back and forth.

By the first half of the returns, Redford still scores well.

As the final ridings report, Mar and Redford remain close and chinwags turn to who Doug Horner’s supporters will pick as their second choice.

There is wide-eyed buzz. Redford has enough to win. Others speak of a result so close a recount will be required.

Still others ponder if Tories know what they’re doing electing such as a lefty.

Redford is elected.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the new premier deserves a chance, but I don't hold out much hope. Ms. Redford is to the left of her party that is already so far left that even the NDP has little to complain about.

Frances said...

I lost all respect for Mr. Morton when I saw the indecent haste with which he endorsed Mr. Mar. I understand politics is the art of the possible, and compromise is necessary, but Mr. Morton went too far in disavowing his principles - which made me wonder just what principles he really espouses.

Interestingly, his constituents went for Ms. Redford in a fairly ringing rebuke to their MLA>

Anonymous said...

If I remeber correctly, she was the only candidate to say they would eliminate section 13. The wild rose party said they would as well, but now are vague about it. I'd like to see it eliminated, so I am watching the PCs and WR on this.

Joe said...

Once upon a time I supported Ted but since then I came to realize he is little more than a weathervane pointing the direction he thinks the wind is blowing. He thought Mar would win and hitched his wagon to that falling star. This leadership race was between a gaggle of leftists and a weathervane. I opted for none of the above. I hope Alison is able to correct some of Special Ed's biggest goof ups but until she does I am working hard to elect as many WRA members as I possibly can.

Jen said...

Joe, if she is a lefty what make it so sure that she will change anything.

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