Sunday, September 04, 2011

Will the biased hacks at elections Canada...

pay any attention. I actually complained to Dan Hilton, about the cost of our convention for our kids. He told me that no sponsorships of the convention were allowed. I have no doubt marc mayrand will find some way to ignore this complaint. I am sure he is planning another raid on Tory HQ, just for the hell of it.

OTTAWA — The Conservative Party wants Elections Canada to review what it believes are inappropriate union sponsorships at the NDP Convention last June.

In a letter to Marc Mayrand, the chief electoral officer of Canada, dated August 31, 2011, Conservative Party lawyer Arthur Hamilton says his client writes to “identify certain matters of concerns” arising from the New Democrats’ Vancouver convention.

Prominently displayed signage at the convention, Hamilton writes, suggests sponsorship had been provided by unions, such as USW, UFCW, PSAC and CUPE among others, as well as by Thistle Printing, an incorporated identity.

Posters also suggested the United Steelworkers had sponsored a $300 per-person reception with the NDP leader, Hamilton added.

Read the complaint here.


Alain said...

Elections Canada must have concluded that the NDP did not intent to break the law.

Jen said...

They didn't mean it.
It was unintentional.
It was a mistake.
NDP are no more interested in the 'little' guy. And believe me, the Unions will get what they paid for.
Where was the media all along, I guess waiting for the Conservatives to make a mishap so that they can wake up to make a big mountain over nothing.

What about the liberal mps who still owe loans to the EC? I guess that too is not a problem for the msm to go after.

Do you really expect me to believe that the EC is going to go after the NDP without first going after the liberal mp who still owe money- not a chance....especially now that both ndp and the libs are united.

SNN, have to go after these two parties and, make sure that canadians do hear and see the records on television.

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